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Get your kids ahead of the game at Iron Camp Youth Fitness Summer Program!
A highly effective and fun training program to maximize their performance this summer at Iron Camp Youth Fitness!
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Excel at your sport this upcoming season with summer training at Iron Camp Youth Fitness!
Iron Camp Youth Fitness program combines strength training and cardio in a full hour indoor workout, three days a week. 

Whether your child is a total beginner or seasoned athlete, you can expect your child to increase and develop muscular/cardiovascular endurance, overall strength, speed, coordination, flexibility, and mental toughness.
What's the Cost?
6 Weeks for Just $199.99 (only $11 per class!)
Your child will get:
  •  M/W/F Training for 6 weeks
  •  Fitness Test
  •  Strength and Endurance Training
  • Core Training
  •  Explosive Power and Speed Training
  •  Coordination and Mobility
  •  Flexibility
  • Leadership and Teamwork Skills
Challenging but Fun Training for All Levels
June 19th - August 2nd,  3 Days a Week  

Ages 10-13 at 10:15 AM (Mon, Wed, & Fri)

Ages 14-17 at 11:30 AM (Mon, Wed, & Fri)
3 Key Elements of Being IRON FIT For Youth 
Our highly motivating and positive environment will teach your kids to love fitness and the importance of living a healthy and active lifestyle. We will encourage them to try new things and push themselves. 
Your kids will learn proper form, gym safety and more so they can continue to workout and increase their muscular and cardiovascular endurance even long after summer camp ends. 
We are here to help your child cultivate a lifelong love of health and fitness through education and goal setting all while having a blast! Our energetic trainers will start your kids day off in the best way possible - fitness!
" If there is one thing I wish I had in my youth, it would be to properly know how to lift weights and workout. At Iron Camp that is our main focus, teaching your child proper form / technique and keeping them safe.” 

-Erik Guerra, Iron Fit San Antonio Owner
Let's do this! 
Do You Still Have Questions?
We're happy to answer any questions... but hurry our summer camp fills up soon!

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20626 Stone Oak Pkwy #104,
San Antonio, TX 78258

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